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Introduction to the Physical Education Office
Introduction to the Physical Education Office
      The objectives of the Physical Education Office are to equip students with excellent physical fitness, to cultivate quality sports programs and to develop healthy exercise habits and students’ knowledge in recreational sports.
 The Physical Education Office is in charge of PE courses, sports activities and events, field and facility management as well as maintenance. Administration staff includes one director, one assistant, one staff coordinator and one janitor.
      This office consists of 18 full-time teachers and 5 part-time teachers. Among the 18 full-time teachers are one professor, three associate professors, five assistant professors and nine lecturers.
      Specialized courses include basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, tennis, golf, ballroom dancing, aerobics, tae kwon do, yoga, billiards and swimming. In addition, adapted PE courses are offered for students with disabilities.
University and Industry Liaison System
      The businesses which cooperate with our school include Jinwen Golf Driving Range, Jinwen Billiard Room, and E-tung Spa & Swimming Pool.
Fields and Facilities
      The field and facilities include a track and field, basketball courts, volleyball courts, soccer fields, badminton courts, tennis courts, a tae kwon do room, a dancing room, a table tennis room, a yoga room, a physical fitness room and a weight-training room.
Sports Training Program
      In the sports training program, there is a tae kwon do team, a wrestling team, a men’s basketball team, a women’s basketball team, a women’s soccer team, a badminton team, a women’s volleyball team and a billiard team. Each team has its own scheduled training time and location.
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